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"Know its deep when the girl of his dreams is the same one to wake him up"


Because that booty mad thick behind your juicy ass lips. I’m trying to get you hot and wet you know, Jacuzzi that shit. Then I’m bustin’ like an uzi in this bougie ass chick. The only reason that I put up with this moody ass bitch Is… you.


Def one of my favorites off this album


J. Cole - “Rise and Shine”  (Produced by J. Cole) (2011)

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So J. Cole’s album already leaked

I’ll still be buying a copy.  Gotta support good music

So J. Cole didn’t win “Best new artist” -____-

No disrespect to any Wiz fans but seriously???? Even without an album, J.Coles fan base is crazy n he’s clearly better lyrically. Can’t say that I’m surprised tho. When what you rap about actually has substance, it often goes unrecognized & underappreciated by mainstream media. *sigh*