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Early 2000’s Hip Hop Nostalgia

Went on Youtube and had a random desire to listen to some “old-school” hip-hop from the early 2000’s and as more suggested videos popped up on the sidebar, I just couldn’t help but want to go back to that time.  Back when life was simpler, a 5 pack of gum was still a quarter, and MTV still played music videos.  Back when Ja Rule, Ashanti, & Murder Inc were still considered  cool.  Kanye just dropped “Through the Wire.”  50 Cent had every radio station playing “Wanksta” and everyone saying G-UNIT.  Cash Money and Dipset were making hits.  Missy Elliot was holdin it down for female rappers.  Nelly put St. Louis on the map with “Country Grammer”.  Chingy and that stupid “Right Thurr” song.  Back when we were too innocent to realize how dirty “What’s your fantasy” by Ludacris was.  

Music has a unique way of bringing you back to specific times in our lives, it seems like we can associate specific moments with different songs and it really helps you remember.  It almost feels like 2000 wasn’t too long ago so this makes me feel a little old.  


Def one of my favorites off this album


J. Cole - “Rise and Shine”  (Produced by J. Cole) (2011)

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Maxwell, Sumthin’ Sumthin’ — “So if it’s cool, I wanna rock with you. Slip you my mellow smooth. Rock you until we’re blue.”

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